We believe that one of the primary means that God speaks to us and transforms our lives is through the Word of God when it is preached.  We hope you'll find this sermon feed useful toward that end!

Our Sermons can be found on iTunes or Spotify under the name RUFTulsa! 

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Fall 2018 



Spring 2018 



Fall 2017 - Encounters with Jesus in John's Gospel



Spring 2017 - The Book of Revelation: Heaven and Earth Collide



Fall 2016 - UNITED: Romans 1-8



Spring 2016 - Right in Their Own Eyes: The Book of Judges



Fall 2015 - Relationships: A Mess Worth Making



Spring 2015 - The Death that Brings Life: The Cross of Christ in Mark's Gospel



Fall 2014 - The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus: Mark's Gospel



Fall 2013 - Jesus's Sermon on the Mount: A New Way to Be Human



Spring 2013 - Exodus: From Slavery to Freedom



Fall 2012 - He Gave us Stories: Jesus's Parables in the Gospel of Luke



Spring 2012 - 1 Peter



Fall 2011 - Dating, Sex, Marriage



Spring 2011 - The Story of Scripture



Fall 2010 - The Gospel of John